Agile Content

Digital Content must move quickly and easily through the Content Supply Chain.  When you need more content, more reuse, and faster conent, you need Agile Content.

Agile Content depends on 4 capability pillars working in concert.

Optimize your efforts by udersatnding this framework.


Apply stanards and policies universally. Increase findability and reuse. Eliminate duplication. Measure content and content process performance.


LCreate building block fragments. Separate message from format. Reuse templates, components, styles, schemas, and processes.


Make metadata robust and persistant. Leverage manual, system, and AI metadata. Add performance data through feedback loops.


Automate repetitive tasks. Interate flow through the Content Supply Chain. Leverage AI for image manipulation and language summarization


David Adams

Digital Content Operations Strategist

Deep expertise from 20 years in Content Operations, honed as a senior manager in Innovation and Thought Leadership at Accenture Digital and as a principal digital Strategist at Adobe. Delivered virtually or in person, to the C-Suite or the Content Ops team. Strategic.

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Certified Adobe Master AEM Architect




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Recent Agile Content Projects

Example projects where I had significant leadership and domain expertise roles as an Adobe Principle Consultant

Centralizing Content Management at a major US Bank

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Modular Content in a Regulated Industry

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Scalable Access Control in a Global Retailer

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Content Operations Strategy Process

A systematic way to generate data and form strategy

Content Capability Audit

A clear understanding of the maturity and interoperability of your capabilities across the entire content supply chain is essential to forming a workable strategy. When I lead audits I use a structured discovery process including interviews, document reviews, and metrics to evaluate your capabilities against leading practices for each stage of the content supply chain

Value Opportunity Identification

Addressing each capability gap unlocks value but also requires resources. Before embarking on capabilities projects you must confirm that the potential value is meaningful to your business’ When I lead value identification work I create a high-level economic model to estimate the potential value for each capability gap. Quantifying potential value provides filtering and validation for capabilities improvement programs.

Solution Design

The solution must fit into the enterprise landscape. When I lead solution design it includes recommendations on process design, team structure, and tools, including specific tool capabilities and integrations.  The resulting solution design documentation has enough detail to validate solution feasibility as well as define the processes, resources, and tools needed to unlock value.

Prioritized Roadmap

Few organizations have the capability to tackle all of the value-added opportunities uncovered. When I lead roadmap creation, I will identify the organization’s capacity and appetite for change, dependencies among various solutions, and the impact of any external initiatives. The resulting sequencing is presented as a road map to validate the strategic goals of the organization.

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